Take a Lesson from Me So You Don’t Get Burned - Guy Kleiman

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Take a Lesson from Me So You Don’t Get Burned

Take a Lesson from Me So You Don’t Get Burned - Guy Kleiman

Let me start by saying that in every kind of business there are some very reputable organizations that you can count on. There were companies that understand that their reputation in the quality of work that they provide is as important as any other thing that they do. It’s what makes doing business with most companies a real pleasure.

However, not everyone is this way. There are those who feel that taking advantage of the consumer is almost right as part of doing their business. If they are cheating somebody, they feel like they are almost doing something wrong. It’s also another part of doing business.

I know a few years ago my partner and I had been looking for different Display manufacturing to get some work done. We talked to some big-name companies in the area but found that their prices were a little bit more than what we want to spend. We had no doubt about the quality; it was just that we simply didn’t feel we could afford what they were asking.

One day we came across this man who offered us a price to do our work that was much more within our budget. He was a very nice man and seemed like one of the most caring individuals we had ever met. A small business guy who wasn’t looking to gouge the customer, he was just a guy with a good heart who wanted everybody to benefit from the work he did. At least, that is what we thought.

When prices continue to go up for everything we had done and work became inconsistent in its quantity and delivery time we realized that good-natured man had conned the both of us. Our handshake deal that we had made with him was quickly broken by him within a couple of weeks and we were the ones who were made to suffer for it.

Back out onto the open market we went to look for another company. This time we were a lot smarter about it. We had learned our lesson. The first and most important lesson we learned was to get everything in writing. That mistake we were knocking a make again.

Now we are paying the additional cost we didn’t think we could afford before. But what we learned was we couldn’t afford to not get quality work done even if it meant spending more money.